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Cut The Budget But Don’t Slash The Programs

page-04.pdf-002By Rich Miller

It’s long been a tenet of public opinion that voters want the government to cut its budget and don’t want new revenues, but also don’t want any actual programs slashed.

However, the latest Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll shows a slow but sure trend in favor of specific state budget cuts and revenue increases.

A large majority of Illinoisans do still believe in...

Cultra’s Capitol Clips

page-04.pdf-001By State Senator Shane Cultra, R-Onarga

In advance of next week’s Veto Session, State Sen. Shane Cultra (R-Onarga) spoke with local media outlets about what to expect as legislators head back to the Capitol on October 25.

Cultra addressed a laundry list of issues including the gaming expansion bill, funding for regional offices of education, proposed closures of state facilities and...

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