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The Best News Money Can Buy

page-04.pdf-000By Russ Mann

In spite of the array of electronic devices available today that connect us to the outside world many Americans still enjoy reading their morning newspapers. The printed page has traditionally been a trusted and powerful source for news and, early in the development of this nation they were the only source.

In the early 1900s often an area would be served by competing...

Plotting A Doomed Campaign Strategy ...

page-04.pdf-001By Rich Miller

Bruce Rauner out-performed his fellow Republican Bill Brady’s 2010 gubernatorial election performance in every region of the state last week. As I write this, with less than half a percent of the vote yet to be counted, Rauner has a big five-point margin over Gov. Pat Quinn and appears to have won a majority vote in a three-way election.

The national headwinds against the...

Ebola - Epidemic Of Fear

page-04.pdf-000By Russ Mann

Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease and if mishandled can have catastrophic consequences but it is better left to the heath care professionals than to reactionary political hacks.

To date seven confirmed cases of Ebola have been treated in the US with only one, Thomas Erik Duncan, arriving from Africa not showing signs of infection having later died. When Duncan went to a Dallas...

I Don’t Know Who Won ... But I Sure Know Who Lost!

page-04.pdf-001By Rich Miller

Some of you will read this column before the election, and some of you will read it after. I suppose I could’ve written two columns, but I’ve been kinda busy, so let’s talk about one of the weirdest things that happened this campaign season.

Earlier this year, ultraconservative activist Jack Roeser told me that his friend Bruce Rauner believed life began at...

A New Civil Rights Movement?

page-04.pdf-000By Russ Mann

Communities around the nation with minority populations had grown complacent in the years following the social advancements made in the 1960’s in civil rights. After all, prior to that little had changed since the end of the civil war in the way of reaching that equality promised in the (original) constitution. Black men had been given the right to vote in 1870 via the 15th...

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